Checklist – Saturday 17th December 2022


I’m running through the checklist to make sure Mum hasn’t forgotten anything important. It’s soooo long since we’ve been out for a day that there is a serious risk that some key item won’t be in the car. If it’s Mum’s lunch that’s not so bad, but can you imagine the uproar if it was either mine or Aristotle’s food? It’s especially exciting as we’re going to see James and Andrew and we haven’t seen them for simply ages. It’s really sad that Shadow isn’t here, as she was their dog, but then if she’d still been with us we wouldn’t have been going.

Ari and I had a bit of an argument yesterday, so being in the car together might not be quite as much fun as I’d hoped. I still don’t know what it was I said that he didn’t appreciate. That’s boys for you.

Caution Present Wrapping

Meanwhile the present wrapping is in process. That is definitely a time to keep our heads down and stay out of the way. It is not the job that Mum is best at. She and Dad have a fundamental difference of opinion over how much sticky tape should be used. Dad covers every seam and we then usually run out. Mum has at least remembered to buy enough in advance to cover all eventualities. What could go wrong?

Christmas 2009

I’m up to Christmas 2009 in my look back to Christmas Past. Those were the days when Shadow was a puppy but before Aunty Megan moved in. Still no photos sadly, but Alfie was reporting on the Christmas decorations and it looks as though they had their own problems then:

Although my Mistress did put some decorations up yesterday, the newer decorations that aren’t in the process of falling apart are in a box. The only problem is that my Mistress doesn’t exactly know which box and we’ve got a lot of boxes sitting around in one room or another. In the end she made an executive decision to work with what she could get to and buy some reduced price baubles in Tesco’s. It appears there is a way round almost every problem. On a happier note, the tree managed to fit in the lounge rather than the kitchen and so isn’t under threat from Shadow when everyone goes out. It also means that it’s safe to put some chocolate decorations on the tree for the children. Now all my Mistress has to do is find some chocolate decorations!

We don’t have chocolate decorations now. Unlike Alfie, I can’t be trusted around food. Mum is very strict about leaving anything that would be bad for me anywhere I could jump / climb and get it. She’s probably right.