One hundred and forty – Friday 30th December 2022

One hundred and forty

What you may ask is important about the number one hundred and forty? Well, overnight Wednesday and into yesterday one of our dear friends had a litter of puppies bringing the number of our breed in the UK to one hundred and forty. We are all so excited. When you think that Alfie was only the tenth in the country, we’ve come a long way since then. We wish Mama Dog and all five of her puppies all the very best over the coming weeks. We also send huge congratulations to the father of the litter. He is just so proud.

I did ask Mum if one of them could come to live with us, but she said not at the moment. She wants to make some changes to the house before we bring a new puppy in. I’m disappointed, but on the bright side it does mean I will get more attention.

Mark the diary

The diary should be marked for yesterday for other reasons too. Finally, Mum and Dad have taken the rubbish to the tip that has been sitting in our carport since… well, some of it since we moved in! The system turned out to be a lot easier than it appeared online, so Mum has even said she might get the rest of the rubbish disposals up to date. She really does know how to live!

Swimming Day

Aristotle is not happy as it’s swimming day today. He says he’d rather just mooch around the garden, but Mum says he has to go as it’s good for him. He knows it is, but that doesn’t make it anymore appealing to him. Mum has even promised him an apple afterwards if he’s good. I said I’d go for him if there was an apple on offer, but apparently it only does him good if he goes for himself.