Aristotle has his results – Saturday 25th February 2023

Aristotle has his results

Aristotle has his results from the vet. The person at the laboratory said that they are ‘leaning towards it being non-cancerous’. They went on to say they can’t actually rule out it being a sarcoma or even a lymphoma but the vet says she thinks that is just them covering themselves as it was completely conclusive. However, the vet reassured Aristotle that the lab doesn’t normally said they are leaning towards non-cancerous unless there is clear evidence to that effect. Overall we think that means it’s good news.

However, the vet wants us to measure the lump every week for the next few months to see if there is any change. Mum measured it for him yesterday and it is currently 5mm. If it changes as much as even 1mm the vet thinks he should have it removed. Mum also has to check that it is still within the skin and doesn’t feel joined. If it does he has to go back and again would probably have it removed.

The races

I wanted to go to the racecourse yesterday, but Mum told me it was a race meeting so we wouldn’t be able to walk. I said I could take my pocket money and back one of the horses instead, but Mum thought it better that we went to Oakley Woods. We did have a lovely walk, so she was probably right. I’ve never been to the races though, so that might have been fun.

Today we’re walking along the river into Stratford. Dad has to go into the bank, so we said we’d make it a bit more fun by combining it with a walk. I think Mum and I will stay near the river rather than walk into the busy part of the town. I’m not a big fan of traffic and Dad’s bank isn’t one of the enlightened ones that lets dogs in. Mind you, to be fair in that sort of situation I can be a bit too loud for Mum to want to take the risk anyway. I like to see if my voice will echo in a big room. I find it fun, but Mum… not so much.