I spoke too soon – Monday 8th May 2023

I spoke too soon

I spoke too soon in saying that Wilma wasn’t in pain anymore. I’m not really sure why everything changed, but it did. Mum had to give her another anaesthetic eye drop and then that turned out not to be enough so Mum had to give her one of the strong pain killers too. Thankfully that did the trick and Wilma was able to get comfortable and settle again. She didn’t need either thing twelve hours later and now we’re waiting to see if she has passed that stage or not. She says she has really had enough of the whole thing but is doing her best not to moan.

Lovely weather

I was happy to enjoy the good weather yesterday. I’m never happier when the doors can be open for me to wander in and out as I please. Mum said the grass was far too wet to cut and that if it dried out she might do it today. Of course it did dry out yesterday, but now rain is forecast for today! I think it could get very long at this rate. Everything (especially the weeds) is growing so quickly. I don’t think at my age I stand any chance at all of keeping up. Mum says it probably serves me right for planting so many things, but I like planting. I just don’t like the weeding.


I’ve asked Mum if we can put in an irrigation system. I’m really worried about what will happen when she and Wilma go to Switzerland. She has told me not to worry as Dad will be home and able to help me. What if he forgets or is too busy? I really do think an irrigation system would be a better idea, but I don’t know how to rig one up myself.



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