Moving the plants – Wednesday 27th September 2023

Moving the plants

Aristotle has been busy moving the plants. He was very excited when he and Mum managed to dig out the big rosemary bush complete with root. They were surprised to find that the rosemary didn’t go down as far as they’d expected. Mum has warned him that it still might not survive the move. But he’s carefully replanted it in the trough with the other things he’s dug out so far. He still has a cotton lavender and a sage before he moves on to the ones near the fence.

Rafa has complained about the sage been moved. He says he’s only just got to the point of it being his new favourite place to pee and it seems mean to move it. Mum explained that that was one of the reasons why needed to move it. The sage is supposed to be for eating, not peeing on – although none of us fancy eating any just at the moment.

Rafa’s medication

Rafa talked to the vet and will be starting on some medication this afternoon. We all have to be careful around him when he starts the meds as they can have side effects including making him aggressive. Mum has told me I have to be especially careful. It’s a good point as sometimes when I think there might be a treat I’m missing out on, I just forget to give him space. I’m so used to Ari and I just jostling each other out of the way in a good natured way, that I forget that Rafa isn’t used to that sort of thing.

Filling in the holes

The man is coming to fill the holes back in today. I offered to do it, but Mum said she didn’t think it would do my paws any good. I suppose I’d have been better offering to help Ari with the digging he needs to do, but he hates me getting involved as apparently I don’t do it right. I’m enthusiastic, you’d think that was enough.



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