Who ordered rain? – Sunday 28th April 2024

Who ordered rain?

Who ordered rain for yesterday? Mum and I had checked the forecast and were sure we were looking forward to a dry day. Even when we went out to do the first mowing at 9.30am there were already spots of rain in the air. We tried to ignore them and pretend it was fine, but there was only so long we could do that. It didn’t stop damping down all day, which rather put paid to the idea of just kicking our paws outdoors for the day.

Mum cheered me up by us doing some cooking together. She did the cooking. I did the clearing up. That arrangement leaves us both happy. She was making her toasted oat breakfast cereal, which is always good news as far as I’m concerned.

Updating my websites

Apart from that I spent the day finishing most of the updates I needed to do to my websites. This diary had got so big that I had to split some of it off into an archive file. You won’t notice as it’s all still here, but the early years are all now sitting on a different web address. It looks much the same and you go straight from one to the other. It just means it should run a little better and be easier for Mum to help me look after.

That was pretty much the only excitement of the day, except for the chair delivery. Mum has a new chair. It’s a bit of a long story that I won’t bore you with, but it was delivered yesterday. I’m not impressed as she won’t let me sit on it. She says that’s because I’m not supposed to be jumping, but I think she’s just keeping it for herself. I could use the ramp to get in if she’d put it in the right place, but she refused. I need to work on her.



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