Paws Crossed – Monday 29th April 2024

Paws crossed

I’ve got my paws crossed for today. I must admit to feeling somewhat apprehensive. It’s not just that I’m worrying about the MRI scan itself, but what they will actually find when they do it. I’ve spent the weekend trying to tell Mum I feel much better and don’t think I’ll need it. Of course that would have been far more convincing if I’d been weight bearing on my back right leg while saying it. Chewing my knees as a diversion from the pain has been a bit of a giveaway too. I know it’s all for the best, but from where I’m sitting right now, it is all a little scary.

No breakfast

Once again I have to go without breakfast. Mum says once I’ve had a walk around the garden with her, I will go to sit in the car ready for going. At least that way I can’t help myself to food while she isn’t looking. I’m quite good at feeding myself if I have the opportunity.

Our appointment is not until 8.30am, but the roads get very busy during rush hour, so Mum says we’re leaving just after 7.30am. It might mean we have a half hour wait in the car park, but Mum prefers that to being late and missing my appointment. I’d rather miss my appointment, but I know that’s not really an option.

What next?

We’re both a bit vague on what will happen next. Mum is assuming that she will have to leave me at the hospital and come back for me later. I’d rather she stayed with me and held my paw, but she doesn’t think they will have the facility for that to happen. Children can have a parent with them at hospital, so the same should apply to dogs. Mind you, by the same token, I should be able to go with Mum to her hospital appointments so I can hold her paw too.

Right, I’m just going to check I’ve got everything again. See you later.



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