Doing Really Well – Wednesday 8th May 2024

Doing really well

I’m doing really well at the moment. I hate to say that Mum is right in the approach she’s taking to looking after me, but it really does seem to be making a difference. Mum is only letting me exercise in the garden so that I don’t overdo things. She’s spending lots of time outside with me so that I do exercise rather than, for example, just eat the plants. When we’re indoors, I’m not allowed to do stairs, apart from very occasionally and only allowed to jump on the settee when Mum isn’t looking. Of course, it means Mum has to come down to floor level to join me more, but that’s ok – until she tries to get back up. All of that is not ideal, but I haven’t screamed in pain for over a week and that is definitely an improvement.

Only dog

I’ve got to say that on balance I don’t really like being an only dog. Some dogs thrive on only having their humans for company. Maybe I would have done had I not spent so long being used to being part of a pack. For the first eight and half years of my life I had canine companions as well as human ones. Oh, I know I loved the times when it was just me, mum and the open road, but that was as a break from normal. Being the only dog around all the time is far less fun. There’s no one to wind up and annoy. No one to set up barking and walk away as though it wasn’t me. I miss not being able to steal Ari’s food.

Ok, I even miss having another dog to curl up with from time to time. I’ve not really done that so much since losing my best buddy, Alfie.

I really do think it’s time for Mum to find me a puppy. Just as soon as I’m back on my paws after my operation I want to focus on finding a pal. They might crawl all over me and be really annoying, but that will be part of the attraction. I’ll pretend to be annoyed, but really I shall love every minute.



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