Brexit – Thursday 17th January 2019


Well there is only one response to the current Brexit situation. I’ve wrapped my paws over my eyes and ears and buried my head deep in the corner of my new bed. I’m hoping it’s all just going to go away. It’s times like this you realise how important it is for dogs to be given the vote. What sensible dog would have got us into this situation? Ok, maybe a Pekingese or a Chihuahua might do, but if you ask your average dog and he or she will tell you that borders are all pretty meaningless. That is except their own immediate back yard, which they will defend against all comers including the postman. Why do humans take actions that are so fundamentally stupid? I’m not really expecting you to answer that one. I’ve tried asking our Mistress and all she’d say was ‘It beats me’.

My post-swim look


Well the humans now have less than 72 days to sort it out. I’d like to say if all else fails I could go and live with our Master in Switzerland, but that’s not so simple. Even if the travel across the Channel is not as badly affected as people fear, my rabies vaccination is out of date so I’m stuck here for a while. Our Mistress says that even if I go and have a new vaccination then the very earliest I’d be able to travel if it all goes wrong is the middle of May. Aristotle’s in the same position. I’ve asked our Mistress to promise that she won’t go without me and thankfully she’s been happy to give me that assurance.

Prime Minister

There was a time when I saw myself being able to take on the job of Prime Minister and be able to lead this country. I’m too old for that now, but I do think Wilma might make a rather good job of it. Are Swiss Nationals allowed to stand for Parliament? She does now have a UK passport as well as her Swiss one. I’m sure she could bring people together and she is a natural leader. Anyway, I’ll leave that for you to think about if you need her.

Have a good Thursday


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  1. Hi Alfie
    I just found your blog and want to tell you that I totally agree with this post. As a wire haired fox terrier I despair and feel like going to ground until Brexit is all over. If I live that long…(I am nearly nine).
    Toodle pip!
    PS I once took the train (and ferry) all the way from Aberdeen via England, Holland and Germany to Switzerland and so consider myself a cosmopolitan chap and totally pro European integration!

    • Hi Bertie
      Lovely to meet you. We older dogs really need to help the young pups understand what they’re risking. Oh I’ve tried over the years. Sometimes I think we’re just wasting our barks. Humans! They should just leave it all to us.

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