Difficult Talks – Sunday 3rd February 2019

Difficult talks

There are difficult talks which are best avoided and there are difficult talks which really need to take place. With our Master and Mistress having to spend a lot of time in different places they felt the need to sit down with us and having one of those difficult talks. What would happen if anything happened to one of them and what would happen if anything happened to one of us. You hope it’s the sort of thing in life you next have to plan for, but as they pointed out it’s best to have that discussion when everyone is feeling fine and not leave it until there is the stress of a difficult situation to deal with.

Remind your humans

Our Mistress said you should remind your humans how important it is to make provision for you if something happens to them. Sometimes the best option for you is not one that others who are dealing with a situation may be aware of. They even asked each of us where we would like our ashes scattered when it came to it. Oh dear, that was difficult. Let’s just hope we don’t have to face that for any of us for a very long time to come.

On a brighter note

At least on a much brighter note, yesterday did not involve alpacas. We had our Mistress’s undivided attention and she has promised that it will be quite some time before she goes to see Pasha again. She did tell us about one of the other little alpacas who has been born with problems with his knees. He has splints for his legs and is really struggling. I felt very sad for him as I know what it’s like to have poorly legs. His front legs have knees rather than elbows, but it’s much the same thing. I wish I could take him swimming as that has helped me so much. Our Mistress did tell his owner how good my hydrotherapy is, but I don’t know if there are any hydrotherapy pools for alpacas. I hope he can get to be stronger.

Have a great Sunday


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