Happy Returns – Sunday 16th February 2020

Happy Returns

I’m wishing many happy returns. This is not about a birthday, but it’s still about happy returns. You will be pleased to know that Aristotle has returned the bandage. It all worked out for the best. He’d helped Mum with the cooking and eaten all the carrot peelings. It’s funny, Alfie and I can eat as much carrot as we like without ill effect, but both Shadow and Aristotle tend to be sick after even quite a small amount. The good thing was that when he was sick he returned the bandage as well as the carrot. Mum was very happy as she said it obviously was not in the process of working its way through his system. If it hadn’t been for the carrot he might have been back at the vet tomorrow.

Shadow’s bed

The bed Shadow had for her birthday was supposed to be going upstairs but it is still in the snug. It is so funny. Mum keeps moving it to the other side of the room and then when she comes back she finds Aristotle has brought it back so he can lie near the gate. He has done it several times now. The problem is that when people go in there they keep standing on both him and the bed. At some point Mum is going to have to realise that however strong willed and determined she is, an Entlebucher is even more so.

I also had to show you his little face when Mum said it was time for tea. I get all barky and excited when she says that, but Aristotle really does do a very good line in cute.


We’ve spent the last day with storm Dennis. I’ve not gone out to see if there is any damage yet, but Mum says it is going to continue right through today, so I may just go back to bed and wait for things to improve. I do wish we were in Switzerland as we’d planned to be.

Love Wilma

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