Big Day for Ari – Monday 22nd June 2020

Big day for Ari

Today is a big day for Ari. Skipping over the fact that he is not pleased that breakfast is being withheld from him, he is going for his check up. He has to go to Leeds to see the vet who did the operation. Mum has arranged for him to be taken, as she is not supposed to be going out. The vet will ring her to talk through how things are looking. He will need an xray and then we will hold our breath for news on whether his operation and recovery can be declared a success. Mum so wants him to be able to get back to some sort of normal life. He’s missed out on loads. Paws crossed.

Difference of Opinion

Mum and I have had a difference of opinion. I need to curtail my ‘naughty phase’, apparently. I on the other paw thought it was about time for me to go off the rails for a few days and be allowed to just get on with it. Mum sat me down. “Wilma, you may not bark if the phone rings.” (Yeah, right!). “You may not shout when I am on a video call.” (Oh I can!) “If you continue then I will have no choice but to make you sit in the other room.” I realised Mum wasn’t joking because she had her serious face on. I asked if it was ok if I bark a little bit, but it seems not. I have to zip it!

Here, I have taken the only possible decision. I was choosing between being banished to the far reaches of the other room, away from my beloved human, or being quiet, However, this is not going to be easy and may involve one or two relapses.




  1. Good Luck Ari, we all have our fingers and paws crossed for you! Be good. Love Dickens and all my family XXXX

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