Food sorted – Saturday 21st August 2021

Food sorted

I’m pleased to say that’s the food sorted. Shadow can now continue to eat her own food and leave Mum to have the chicken. It turns out the delivery company held it for a day longer than they were supposed to. They had deliveries for the two neighbouring houses and Granny thinks they were just making it easy for themselves. Whatever their reasons, at least Shadow didn’t run out. Mum usually keeps more in stock, but it’s harder with being in a temporary home and having to keep moving.

Going for a drive

Mum took Shadow for a drive to see the new house yesterday. The whole plan went a bit wrong as there were lots of roadworks. It meant the journey took more time than it should have done and Shadow was fed up before they even got there. Mum gave her a choice of going for a walk, but as her lunch was already late Shadow said she wouldn’t bother. I asked her what she thought but she didn’t say much. I’m sure she’ll love the garden when she gets to see that. If things go to plan we’ll get the keys in a month’s time. Given that nothing has been straightforward so far, I’m not holding my breath.

Meeting the horse

I think I forgot to tell you about Shadow meeting the horse in the field she’s been walking in. Mum didn’t have her camera when the two of them were nose to nose. Thankfully, the horse is very gentle, but even he was taken aback when shadow jumped up and planted a kiss on his nose. Mum was a little surprised too. I guess there’s no accounting for taste. I wonder if he’s ever been kissed by a dog before? If we’re not careful, Shadow will be campaigning for a horse to join the family.



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