Oh you have to laugh – Wednesday 22nd December 2021

Oh you have to laugh

Oh you have to laugh. As fast as Mum sorts out one problem in the fencing another one opens up. She spent an hour outside yesterday morning ensuring the next section of fence is completely Wilma proof. She managed in the process of that to hit her thumb with the hammer and I have to day it’s definitely had days when it looks better. That however is not the problem.

There’s a hole

When Mum went around the garden clearing up after us yesterday there was a hole under the fence. Now, if this had been a section of fence that she hadn’t got to yet she wouldn’t have thought very much of it. But it wasn’t. It was the stretch of fence she’s already finished. She’s covered up all the holes I could have jumped through. They were also the holes that local wildlife could jump through. I promise that I did not dig the hole. Some member of local wildlife has taken direct action and has dug a hole under the bottom of the fence. It didn’t help when I laughed.

Not quite Wilma size

At the moment the hole is not quite ‘me’ size, so unless I try to enlarge the hole I shall be staying on this side of the fence. I can smell that another animal has been there. I want to follow the scent. Mum has resigned herself to a battle of wills and an ongoing problem of addressing our boundaries. She may be calling in reinforcements, but has no idea yet what form they will take.

Arrival of the turkey

Today is a very exciting day for us all as the turkey will be delivered. That is as important to the three of us dogs as it is to Mum. You just know there’s going to be an ongoing chorus of ‘Can we eat it yet?’ from the minute it comes through the door.