Seven hundred to go – Monday 2nd January 2023

Seven hundred to go

Two thousand seven hundred of the outdoor lights are down and there are seven hundred to go. Mum says she doesn’t want to see another fairy light… well, until next Christmas. One of the trees was funny. When she put the lights up, at a height she could reach, there were still apples on the tree. Since then I’m happy to say I’ve eaten the apples as they fell to the ground. The downside for Mum was that without the weight of the apples, the branches and thus the fairy lights, were higher and she had difficulty reaching to take them down.

Home straight

When we go to the racecourse, I have a commentary in my head as though I’m in a race. There I was, coming down the home straight, two furlongs to go, a good lead length ahead of Mum and Dad and sure to finish with a win. At least, that was what I was thinking. I was all ready to celebrate my victory only to find this was a two lap race and I hadn’t paced myself.


Other than surprising me by doing the circuit twice, it was a lovely walk. We saw SO many dogs. There was even a whole group of Beagles out for a walk. I passed them with my tail held high, defying anyone to ask if I was the same breed. Thankfully, no one did, which was a relief. If Christmas Day was the quietest we’ve ever seen the racecourse, New Year’s Day was definitely the busiest, at least from a walking perspective. I’m sure there would be more people on race days. It was glorious. So many people and dogs to sniff and say hello too. A wonderful start to the year.

Ari swimming

Ari has swimming again today. He just shrugged when I reminded him. I’m taking that as a good sign. He may just be saving the shaking until later.