Boxed in – Wednesday 1st February 2023

Boxed in

We’re all boxed in. All our things were delivered back from Switzerland yesterday. I’m not interested in the human things. However, I was delighted to see our best dog bed and the big crate. Ari was particularly pleased about the crate. Dad said we can make it work where his is now, even before we have our building work done. Ari’s crate is really a bit small for him. Ok, it’s my fault, I pulled the top dog stunt over crates and bagged the big one that was supposed to be Aristotle’s. I know I shouldn’t have done and I know it was unfair, but sometimes when you’re top dog you just have to do these things. Ok, I’m a bad dog.

Five ladders

What I really worry about is that my humans seem to have five ladders between two humans. That seems a little excessive. I think the real problem is that neither Mum nor Dad are capable of throwing anything out. Mum still has plates she bought when she first left home – not a full set of course, but random plates that have not been broken. To be honest, you’d go a long way to find a full set of anything in our house – except maybe the ladders, but I don’t think they normally come in sets.

Ari’s Potatoes

Needless to say that amongst everything else going on, no one had time to help Ari with the potatoes. It was more than just the time. Mum had agreed his seed trays with the potatoes in could go on the kitchen window ledge, but that is covered in all the things for the kitchen that have come back from Switzerland so there really isn’t any room. Mum has promised to sort all of those things out and help Ari in a couple of days when it’s been cleared up. He’s not happy. Now he’s asking for help with weeding the vegetable bed, but he might have to wait for that too.