Sensory Overload – Tuesday 20th June 2023

Sensory overload

Yesterday really involved a day of sensory overload and I’m not expecting today to be much better. I suppose I should be flattered that Mum thought I was ready for it, but honestly I think she was being ambitious.

We started with a drive of 280 miles. When we stopped for lunch, the temperature was 33 degrees! I kid you not. Mum did that think of putting her hand on the paving to see how bad it was going to be for me and it was BAD. I did get out, but only long enough to have a pee and then got straight back in. I had a good drink, but that’s easy to do in the car as I now drink straight from the bottle.

Evening meal

The place we stayed at last night is clearly not a tourist destination. The bed and breakfast was lovely and seemed to be a small vineyard as well as a garden, but they spoke no English. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that as we were in their country. It’s just that Mum has singularly failed to learn a word of Italian, so communication was strained.

The town we were staying on the edge of has closing day on a Monday. Unfortunately it was Monday. I was ok for food as Mum had mine with us, but the humans needed to eat.

Roadside dining

If I describe the wine bar that the humans ate at as being a roadside diner, on a roundabout, on a road that went down to join the main route to Milan, next to a train depot and with a car repair shop in the car park, you’d get a bit of an idea of how busy it was. I have not been anywhere that busy for a very long time. I’m proud to say I coped. I had a bit of a bark at a couple of people. Mum only called it a day when I lost the plot with an old man struggling to walk with his walking stick. I’m not proud, but being hunched over his stick made him a funny shape and it freaked me out. Other than that, I did quite well. Maybe next time I’ll cope with the old man too.

Izzy with Mum and me

Now I have another busy day going to see Ruff in Lausanne.



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