The deer are not popular – Thursday 28th April 2022

The deer are not popular

Round here at the moment the deer are not popular. It looks as though they’ve been playing football in the front garden and have kicked up lots of turf in the process. Mind you, we suspect it was a squirrel who has dug up most of a row of Mum’s parsnips in the vegetable trough. And don’t even get me started on the foxes. It’s fair to say we have quite a lot of wildlife sharing our garden. More to the point, I suspect they thing we’re sharing their habitat and they may be right.

Let sleeping ducks lie

My evening was thrown rudely into an unexpected walk last night. Apparently, I can’t be trusted to let sleeping ducks lie. Aristotle and Shadow were taken out for their last pee break of the day and put to bed. I was then told I wasn’t going out in the back garden. Honestly, what is a poor dog to do when they’re winding down for the evening, ready to have their bedtime Bonio and to put their paws up and they suddenly find themselves being walked for 2 miles? I could have peed in the front garden, but no, Mum thought it would do us both good to have a walk.

Looking back to our house from the walk

Chatting together

Once I’d got over the surprise I did have a lovely time. We walked around the local walk that we’d done with Dad. As it was just the two of us we chatted the whole way round. It was great being Mum’s focus of attention and I did enjoy it. She said hello to some people we passed on the other side of the road, but other than that she was all mine.

It was starting to get a little dark as we were coming home. To be honest, she’d misjudged the time a little and as we had a stretch to walk on the road she was a little concerned. It was worse than that, she actually made me jog. Now I don’t mind a good run, but jogging with your clumsy human on the other end of your lead is always worrying. It usually results in bruised paws, but actually it turned out ok.




  1. Hi Wilma. Same issues here. Deer running across the field outside sets us off so I stay on leash out walking. Hares jump up from everywhere. Squirrels dig up my lawn and the patio tubs looking for their nuts and the rats in the garden seem to avoid us two dogs and the Red Kites that circle overhead! The rat man is onto them though! Happy times for us dogs x Dexter.

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