Waiting to bounce – Saturday 28th May 2022

Waiting to bounce

I’m waiting to bounce on Dad this morning. His flight was delayed so I didn’t have the opportunity last night. Mum let Shadow stay up to see him, but said they needed some special time together so Aristotle and I had to wait. I’ve been saving an extra special bounce just for him and I can’t wait to let it out. That may be why Mum didn’t think it was a good job for me to do that last night when Dad was tired. Mum has said if the weather is nice we can all have breakfast outside together, which is very exciting.


Mum has had to increase the medication that Shadow is on a little, after talking to the vet. Shadow still has some fluid on her lungs and so is having episodes of coughing to clear it. If it has not worked over the weekend then Shadow will need another heart scan to see if there is more that can be done with her heart medication. We’re all crossing our paws that she makes progress quickly. She doesn’t really want to eat at the moment, which is upsetting all of us.

Let the gardening begin

Now that Dad is home gardening is the order of the day. It was going to be us all going away, but that of course has been cancelled. Mum, Dad and I will try to have some trips out, but with Mum on crutches even that is easier said than done. I don’t think Mum wants to leave Shadow for too long either. We are all happy to be around the garden and I think both Mum and Dad have plans of things they can do with our help. Ari wants them to focus on the things he needs but I think he may have to wait his turn.



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  1. Hope you all have a lovely time with Dad.
    We are sending lots of love to you all
    Sheila and Mark XXXXX

    • Thank you. Shadow is a different dog. She is so happy and the higher dose of tablets is working, so she’s eating again.

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