Grumpy dog – Sunday 23rd July 2023

Grumpy dog

Ari spent yesterday being a grumpy dog. He doesn’t cope well when it rains all day. He doesn’t like being outside in the rain and hates spending all day indoors. Mum did her best to encourage him to have outdoor time, but he just looked at her pitifully and said he wanted to go in.

If I’m being honest I did feel a bit sorry for him. He and Mum had plans to spend a lot of the day gardening, but it rained all day. They were finally beginning to get on top of things and planning to do something other than cutting the grass.

Looking on the bright side, with all the rain his veg is growing at a great rate and I think we’ll be feeding the whole village if it carries on like this.


We have a lot of mushrooms growing in the orchard and I do mean a lot. Mum is hopeless at knowing if they are safe so is obsessively removing them so there is nothing dangerous to us. We are very sensible on the whole, but I guess as we are always picking up the apples that are lying around I can understand why she worries.

She gets very upset about any plants that are toxic for dogs and thinks garden centres should have to label their plants clearly. So many people just don’t know they are buying things which are dangerous for their pets, so I can see her point. It would be far better if people understood the risks and planted fewer harmful plants where they could cause a risk. It’s not just about their own garden as some will self-seed and travel. It can be hard work to garden in a way that keeps us all completely safe.

Love Wilma

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