Tuesday 31st March 2015 – I am not grumpy

I resent the comparison. Our Mistress has started to nickname me Victor and not because of my success. She says I’m becoming a real grumpy old man and that I remind her of Victor Meldrew from the programme ‘One Foot […]

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Monday 30th March 2015 – What’s Wrong With Being a Geek?

I’m following up from the leasers of two of the main parties being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman last week. Now please don’t misunderstand, in my view the only party to vote for is the Pet Dogs Democratic Party, but I […]

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Sunday 29th March 2015 – Gardening is not her strongest suit

I knew she should have left the ordering to me. Oh I don’t mind her doing the heavy lifting and building of the troughs but she clearly needs a bright young dog like me to do the ordering. She missed […]

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Saturday 28th March 2015 – Ari wishing you happy Saturday

Well hello again. This is the first chance I’ve had to tell you my side of the story from Fun Day. Whatever was suggested about only being induced into good behaviour for a biscuit, it’s not true. I was good. […]

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Friday 27th March 2015 – Not what I ordered

It tried to snow here yesterday morning. I was most alarmed. Just as I was banking on some slightly warmer spring weather it catches me by surprise. Our Mistress was looking even less keen on resuming her soil moving exercise. […]

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Thursday 26th March 2015 – An Alarming Turn of Events

Last year we were aware that there were pigeons nesting in the tree just near our office window, but this year it is far worse. They were actually mating there yesterday. They were making a dreadful racket and flapping about. […]

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Wednesday 25th March 2015 – Ari’s Been Rumbled

If you read the comments on yesterday’s entry you will already know that Ari has been rumbled. Apparently the reason he was sitting so nicely in the photograph at the meeting wasn’t that he is a good dog, it was […]

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Tuesday 24th March 2015 – Fun Day Photos

A really nice man called Adrian took lots of photos of the Fun Day and has put them so you can all see them HERE I’m not in any of them, but Ari is wearing a black and white harness […]

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Monday 23rd March 2015 – Ari had a great time at the fun day

I had a lovely quiet day at my grandparents, while Shadow and Ari went to fun day. Shadow was very good and understood she just had to watch, but Air had a great time. There was quite a few of […]

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Sunday 22nd March 2015 – That’s the way to do it

I know Alfie’s told you that our Mistress has some new vegetable troughs for the garden. Well, yesterday she had to finish building them. Firstly she found that the 14 screws she’d put in on Friday were the wrong ones […]

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