Thursday 5th March 2015 – The Quiet Before the Storm

Today is my rest day before having to work hard for three days. I reminded my Mistress that I’m supposed to have weekends off now and have delegated those to Aristotle, sadly she was less than sympathetic. Apparently, with Shadow […]

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Wednesday 4th March 2015 – On My Way to Crufts

Well all you lovely people, I’m coming to meet my public. If you aren’t doing anything on Friday afternoon, Saturday or Sunday, I will be sitting waiting to meet you in our stand at Discover Dogs. We will be in […]

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Tuesday 3rd March 2013 – Man Down

Did I want to go to Crufts? No! Am I going to Crufts? Yes! I am the emergency stand-in for Shadow. She had the misfortune to do a back-roll over Aristotle off the settee yesterday and has damaged her cruciate […]

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Monday 2nd March 2015 – An Odd Thought

This weekend has been odd. Shadow was clearly a little upset and it turns out she was thinking of the fact that she should have been giving birth to puppies this weekend. I said that at least she could look […]

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Sunday 1st March 2015 – The Broadcast

I’ve seen the first edit of Alfie’s party political broadcast and I have to say it’s much better than I expected. I’m a star. If I say so myself, I completely steal the show. Alfie has different ideas. For some […]

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Saturday 28th February 2015 – How Exciting is this?

Alfie is going to be on the radio. I really mean it. He’s going to be on Radio York in just over a week. He’s got to go to the studio and everything. He is being suitably nonchalant about his […]

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Friday 27th February 2015 – The Case of the Yoghurt Pot

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When you find an empty yoghurt pot AND SPOON on a bedroom floor, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out what happened in our house. Now, the humans are too well trained to leave it there. To be fair […]

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Thursday 26th February 2015 – Looking after Ari

Well Ari moaned so much about being left without either me or Shadow next week that I have given in and will stay behind to look after him and my Master. Our Mistress will just take Shadow to Crufts and […]

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Wednesday 25th February 2015 – I’m not popular

I’m back into my old routine of getting up early and I’m not popular. To be fair this week has been a little extreme with a 5.20 and a 5.35, but out Mistress says that by 10 she feels as […]

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Tuesday 24th February 2015 – The Edit

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find good bits from the filming to put into the Party Political Broadcast. I now understand why many hours of filming can end up on the cutting room floor. It made me […]

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