Monday 26th September 2016 – My train is booked

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I am one excited dog. Mum has said I can definitely go to London to Discover Dogs on October 22nd. We’re going on the train just Mum and me. Oh do say you’ll be there so I can meet you. […]

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Sunday 25th September 2016 – What a fun day

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Yesterday was the biggest fun day I’ve been to. I think there were about 17 of us altogether. It got off to a shaky start for me as I still had a bad tummy. We stayed in a hotel on […]

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Saturday 24th September 2016 – Win Free Discover Dogs Tickets

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Today we have two pairs of tickets for Discover Dogs to give away absolutely free. This is your chance to meet 200 breeds of dog, watch agility at the highest level, see the semi-final of Scrufts and best of all […]

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Friday 23rd September 2016 – Wilma is happier

Yesterday our Mistress got to the point with Wilma where she either needed to tie her up and tape up her mouth, or take her for a walk. You’ll be pleased to know she chose the latter. Wilma has been […]

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Thursday 22nd September 2016 – Sort of good news

Thursday 22nd September – Sort of good news
Well, I did let our Mistress change some of my dressings on her own yesterday and I was also better behaved at the vet. I had to have blood taken and they couldn’t […]

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Wednesday 21st September 2016 – An uncooperative dog

Alfie is not making life easy. Yesterday some of the stitches at the top of his leg came open again, so he had to go back to the vet. He was there for nearly an hour again while all his […]

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Tuesday 20th September 2016 – Causing Trouble

I thought I’d write for myself today to give you a bit of an update. I still haven’t had my test results back and I may not be being an ideal patient. I’d like to apologise to all the animals […]

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Monday 19th September 2016 – Happy birthday Torfheide A Litter

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I want you all to join me singing happy birthday to Aristotle and all his brothers and sisters. They are five years old today. Shadow says she can’t believe five years have passed since that Monday morning when she finally […]

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Sunday 18th September 2016 – Poor old Alfie

Yesterday did not go quite as planned. Alfie had complained his leg was hurting and to be honest it wasn’t looking very nice, but when he went to get his bandages changed it turned out it was infected. By that […]

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Saturday 17th September 2016 – You have to be in it to win it

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Next Saturday I’m going to be running a competition to win free tickets to Discover Dogs at the Excel Arena in London on 22nd and 23rd October. Today I’m going to give you a bit of a preview of what […]

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