Tuesday 17th January 2017 – Happiness is…

It seems that happiness, or at least contentment may be attained more easily by not having friends a long way away or access to the internet, television, radio or newspapers. Now don’t get me wrong, we wouldn’t really want to […]

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Monday 16th January 2017 – Full of the Joys of Spring

I know it’s still only January but I’ve concluded that if that’s all the snow I’m going to get then I may as well turn my thoughts toward summer. I had a lovely muddy romp and bounce with a dog […]

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Sunday 15th January 2017 – An observation

Andy pointed out to our Mistress yesterday that there are far more photographs up on the walls of our house with dogs on them, than there are of people. Our Mistress, while she agreed with him, couldn’t see what point […]

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Saturday 14th January 2017 – You call that snow?

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As a country we have at last got some snow. Sadly, someone else has got it rather than us. Alfie about summed it up when he went out and looked at it disdainfully and said it was hardly worth peeing […]

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Friday 13th January 2017 – The saddest sound

The saddest sound a dog can hear is the sound of a chain saw cutting down a tree. It breaks our hearts to think there is one less natural place to cock our legs and to sniff to find who […]

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Thursday 12th January 2017 – Massage

While I was at my swimming session this week our Mistress was talking to my hydrotherapist about the increasing stiffness in my back rear leg and my reluctance to use it. It was then it occurred to her I might […]

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Wednesday 11th January 2017 – Planning for Crufts

Crufts is now only two months away and the girls have gone into planning mode. Shadow says it’s enough for her to be in the show ring and she doesn’t need to do the stand at Discover Dogs. Wilma is […]

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Tuesday 10th January 2017 – Wilma wants snow

Wilma is fed up with seeing all the lovely photos that our friends in other parts of Europe have been posting showing the wonderful snow they have. Admittedly the person who posted a picture of their soft top car, with […]

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Monday 9th January 2017 – Lazy Days and Mondays

I’m not good with twiddling my paws, not that is unless I can do it sitting on top of Mum. I can do that for hours, but entertaining myself without the option of pouncing on her nose every so often […]

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Sunday 8th January 2017 – The keys to the house

In my haste to tell you what Wilma gets up to, I forgot to tell you that after his bad day Alfie has been doing better again and is planning to be back with you on Tuesday as normal. Wilma […]

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