Saturday 25th October 2014 – Shadow

Shadow enjoyed going to watch Ari. At one point Ari swallowed some water and Shadow was all set to jump in to the water to him. Everyone thought she was very pretty and very cute so obviously she lapped up [...]

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Friday 24th October 2014 – Sneak Preview

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Don’t tell my Mistress I’m doing this, but here is a sneak preview of one of the images I’m putting on my Pet Dog Democratic Party merchandise. I’m using six different designs, and I think this is one of my [...]

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Thursday 23rd October 2014 – Still time to enter

You still have time to enter our competition to win Free Tickets to Discover Dogs at Earl’s Court on 8th and 9th November – you can find the details HERE
Apparently I’m getting annoying. Having spent ages not wanting to go [...]

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Wednesday 22nd October 2014 – I’ve been busy

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As many of you may know I am the leader of the Pet Dogs Democratic Party. I set the party up a number of years ago to champion the cause of the underdog. I have been working very hard to [...]

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Tuesday 21st October 2014 – Getting into the spirit

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We’re getting some great photos as well as competition entries. Don’t forget you’ve got until Friday to enter. Details are HERE if you’ve missed them. We liked these photos from yesterday from Tilly and Charlie.
I had more blood taken yesterday. I tried [...]

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Monday 20th October 2014 – Meet our breed at Discover Dogs

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It is now less than three weeks to Discover dogs and some of my friends are getting ready to be there for you to meet. It is the last time it will be held at Earl’s Court as it is [...]

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Sunday 19th October 2014 – Heeding the warnings!

My Mistress should have heeded the warnings. It seems if you start with red hair and you try dying it a different colour then anything can happen. Over the years, her hair has gone from bright red to a more [...]

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Saturday October 18th 2014 – Please Miss…

I felt a bit like one of the children going to school and being excused from ‘Games’ yesterday. ‘Please Miss, may Alfie be excused from swimming today as he has an ulcer on his eye and doesn’t want to get [...]

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Friday 17th October 2014 – Trampolining

We have some new throws on the settee to make it cosy for us to sit on. When my Mistress left the lounge the other day, she very carefully put them over the settee so they were ready for the [...]

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Thursday 16th October 2014 – Feeling down

I’m really not feeling well at the moment and need cheering up. The house is very quiet as both Shadow and Ari have understood that I need to be left alone. I’m just curled up being miserable and wanting to [...]

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