Friday 1st August 2014 – I’ve been for a jog

It seems moving at faster than a walk may become a more regular habit, if you can call two days a habit. We went to the same place as yesterday, which I have not got bored with yet and when [...]

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Thursday 31st July 2014 – Wobbly Dog

The sedative seems to have hit Shadow quite hard this time. She was still a wobbly drunken dog yesterday morning. Although she was back to wanting to eat she really wasn’t herself and just wanted some quiet on her own. [...]

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Wednesday 30th July 2014 – Shadow is fine

Shadow had an xray on the poorly paw yesterday and there is no break and no arthritis so it seems to be just a soft tissue injury. She’s trying a different anti-inflammatory to try to get the swelling down and [...]

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Tuesday 29th July 2014 – Nothing stays the same

It is very easy in life to continue along blithely, assuming that everything will stay the same and if there was something that was good it will still be there when you go back for it. When it doesn’t turn [...]

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Monday 28th July 2014 – A change in the weather

When Aristotle went for a walk yesterday it was hot and sunny. Half an hour later there were quite a lot of clouds and the temperature had dropped a number of degrees. To be honest it probably suits us better, [...]

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Sunday 27th July 2014 – Murder in the kitchen

Either it was Miss Scarlet with the wooden spoon in the Kitchen or it was the cherries, blackcurrants, blueberries and blackberries which were being turned into sorbet – but there was red everywhere. My Mistress said it looked almost as [...]

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Saturday 26th July 2014 – The sort of day I like

Today is my sort of a day. Our Mistress is planning to spend half of it cooking and half of it gardening, both of which are activities I can really throw myself into. I am always willing to be her [...]

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Friday 25th July 2014 – Lovely weather

We all had to wait until the evening for a walk yesterday as the daytime was much too hot. We all moaned the day before that it was too hot to do anything. I think there was only my Mistress [...]

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Thursday 24th July 2014 – Mixed News

It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that another of our number has died recently. Caros was 11 years old and sadly had a tumour in his throat. He’d lived a good life. We hadn’t [...]

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Wednesday 23rd July 2014 – I’ve been caught

It is not my fault that I like blueberries. My Mistress eats them every day and occasionally gives me one. When I say ‘gives’ that is in the sense of drops one and I get to it first. You really [...]

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