Friday 29th May 2015 – Indoor Scarecrows

Now I’m losing patience here. I’m a very reasonable dog, but even my calm can be tested by the crow. The teddy bear indoor scarecrows are not doing their jobs. Oh they might be called scare ‘crows’, but they are […]

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Thursday 28th May 2015 – Is this a wildlife park?

I’m starting to think we’re living in a wildlife park. Now the cuckoos have joined in the noise. You can barely hear yourself think with the racket the birds make first thing in a morning. I do have to say […]

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Wednesday 27th May 2015 – Much as we like wildlife…

We are big fans of wildlife, it’s just that the wildlife seems to be getting bigger and making a lot of noise knocking to come in. The crows seem unimpressed with the teddy bears on the landing window sill and […]

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Tuesday 26th May 2015 – The teddy bear and the crow

The crow was at it at 5.20 again yesterday. Tapping on the window to act as our alarm clock. Strange as it may seem my Mistress was none too pleased and took action immediately. She has concluded that it’s to […]

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Monday 25th May 2015 – Getting in on the act

Aristotle’s paranoia is making me laugh. Once you see the red-legged partridges as part of a conspiracy you start seeing support for it all around you. We now have a crow that has taken to sitting on the porch pecking […]

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Sunday 24th May 2015 – The Red-legged Partridge Conspiracy

Now I don’t mean to be alarmist, but I think the red-legged partridges are spies. I think they’re watching our movements. More to the point, I think they are watching our Mistress. Everywhere she goes they seem to be there. […]

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Saturday 23rd May 2015 – Being Top Dog

It’s Ari here again. How’ve you been? Now I don’t want to go counting my chickens, or red-legged partridges for that matter, before they’ve hatched, but I think I may be top dog. I can’t quite work out if I’ve […]

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Friday 22nd May 2015 – How about that then?

There’s so much to tell you that I don’t even know where to start. It’s all exciting. Yesterday my dairy was named one of the top 10 dog blogs in the UK by a site called London Premier Puppies (you […]

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Thursday 21st May 2015 – I’ve come a long way

Those of you who have known me for a long time will remember that I used to have a phobia of water. I don’t just mean I didn’t like it. I mean it terrified me. When we went on a […]

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Wednesday 20th May 2015 – I’m struggling

I know I’m being difficult, but I don’t know what else to do. Shadow is really hormonal and it is making Aristotle more bouncy than normal and I just can’t cope. They both terrify me in different ways. When they […]

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